For a large number of sellers, the Fulfillment By Amazon service means forgetting the worry of managing the logistics of their merchandise at the retail giant. However, many users of this service are not aware that not everything is always positive since there are some incidents that can occur in the management of their products that could waste time and money. Which usually happens because of delivery malfunctions.

The Fulfillment By Amazon features:

As we have told you on some occasions, the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) service extends far beyond shipments, since it includes the storage of products in large Amazon distribution centers, packaging, labeling, and shipping, including return service where applicable.

  • Delivery of the goods by the merchant 
  • Packaging and labeling of articles 
  • Distribution of products to the different FBA warehouses 
  • Placement in warehouses and possible transfer of stocks 
  • Collect, pack and label 
  • Returns management 
  • Scan and publish all movements of goods/stock 

How to dropship on amazon:

You can do it in two different ways:

  • Placing orders from your supplier (usually from China) and not shipping directly to the Amazon fulfillment center, using the Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) model. It can be understood that this is the traditional dropshipping through Amazon.
  • That the order from your supplier reaches your own warehouse and you have a stock that you send yourself later.

Our FBA Solutions

Quality Control

Quality control is the process that involves analyzing quality of all the processes a product goes through. Maintaining this process can be a great difficulty for sellers. But you don’t have to worry about it as our quality control team will do the job for you.

Budgeting Prices

Once you exceed 150 lbs or 75 kg, are you finding small parcel carriers getting more and more expensive? KCS Network will provide you the same services with comparatively low prices without the slightest compromise on service quality. You can price and reserve all your international and domestic shipping needs 24/7/365.

Lead time

With FBA delivery, lead time is the major problem for both sellers and buyers. With our help, you will be provided with a model with the shortest delivery time.


We consequently keep updating the delivery tracking hour by hour to assure maximum transparency and experience with zero worries.