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Our Data Protection Policy includes the treatment of information about employees, customers, our investors and stakeholders, and other related parties. We protect the data with utmost concern and high confidentiality.

We ensure that we gather, keep and execute data carefully, fairly and transparently with our high regard towards the social and individual rights and privacy.

Range of This Policy

This policy extends to all the parties concerned with us regarding business including employees, candidates, clients, suppliers, partners and all the parties that provide us with any information.

Policy essentials

We like all other organizations need to obtain and process information as a part of operations. That could include online to offline, soft copy to hardcopy data such as names, addresses, taxation numbers, company registration numbers, custom details, social security numbers and other financial data of the destinations of the shipping and receiving parties.

We collect your information with utter transparency with the complete cooperation and acknowledgment of the involved parties. Once we collect your data, the following terms and conditions will be in action:

We will keep our data:

  • Up to date and accuracy
  • Attained for only legal and fair purposes
  • Legal and moral boundaries of the company for the processing
  • Protection against all the unauthorized or illegal parties trying to access, may that parties be internal or external

We will not do:

  • Transmit your data informally
  • Store your data more than a specific amount of time
  • Transfer your data to any organization, countries or individuals that do not have the required data protection policy
  • Distribute your data to any other parties than the ones agreed upon

For the security of the people, we are under obligations towards the parties that share that data with us:

We absolutely will:

  • Inform the people which data is to be collected
  • Inform them the way we will process data
  • Inform them who has access to their data
  • Have backups in case of the data lost or files being corrupted
  • Let people request for the modification, removal or reduction of any data that we collect from them.

The Steps That We Take

  • We will restrict and monitor the access to the sensitive data
  • Orchestrate the strong and transparent data collection processes
  • Train employees regarding the security measures and cybersecurity
  • Establish methods to report privacy breaches and misuse of the data
  • Introduce recommended data protection methods

Legal Consequences In case of violation

The terms and conditions described in this policy must be thoroughly understood and strictly acknowledged and followed. Any violation of these terms and conditions will result in severe legal consequences.