When you order online, the importance of quality throughout the process is enormous and we are going to show it to you at various points. There are different factors that influence the final satisfaction of the customer when the package of a product arrives at their homes.

The owners of online stores, eCommerce entrepreneurs, and those responsible for training in production and quality know the fact that logic and its management are part of the number of decisions responsible for the final price of the client and also for the profitability of each business. It should be noted that although the price is a fundamental mine that nobody should waste, it is also important to take care of the factors that represent a differential value for an online store. The shopping experience and its quality index are possibly the most important value.

Why is the user experience so important in online orders?

The customer’s shopping experience is one of the greatest strengths of online sales and its quality depends on the following factors:

  • Fast shipping
  • The arrival of the product on the agreed date
  • Product in perfect condition without deficiencies or imperfections
  • The diligence and immediate response to queries from the client via e-mail or telephone
  • The effectiveness in the management of claims and returns.

To evaluate the quality of each company and its relevant logistics service, we often find different options to express our opinion and issue the desired feedback. The feedback provided by buyers is essential in measuring the quality of it.  In fact, a large part of the successful transactions of online orders do not generate any type of recommendation -although they do have very positive votes and evaluation averages-, the danger lies in the unsuccessful purchases, so those aspects that diminish the quality of the online order issuance and once again improve the user experience. The quality of the product and the speed of shipping They are the points that have the greatest weight on the average valuation of the purchase.

In a good shipment, the delivery time ranges between 24 and 48 hours, although it may be somewhat longer if the distance to be covered is wide, as is the case with international shipments, especially to non-European countries. In this type of shipment, the transport company contacts the customer to set a delivery time or provides a tracking number that the user can consult through the Internet. When the packaging and the product arrive in good condition, the online order process ends satisfactorily, adds value to the brand / online store, and improves the perception of the shopping experience by rating it as well. What experiences have you had?