The Ecommerce stats grew by 34.8% in the second quarter of last year; reaching more than 159 million transactions and reaching 9,333 million euros. Some data is recorded in a study carried out by the CNMCData portal, which also emphasizes the importance of logistics in this segment.

And there is a great correlation between the growth of electronic commerce and the logistics sector. Since the growth of the first one triggers the contracting of  logistics spaces  

On the other hand, we see that Internet sales grow at a year-on-year rate of 27.2%, which reaches figures of up to 21.8 billion euros in Spain And it is in times like Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday, in which the numbers go crazy and where there are great needs for logistics infrastructure. For this reason, the large Distributors continually expand their facilities.

Ecommerce and Logistics : a great combo

The Ecommerce is getting the sector of logistics to grow well at a rapid pace, and with respect to this issue, speed is a key factor in current supply chains “, and it is precisely for this reason that” logistics operators are getting closer to their customers. ” We cannot ignore the fastest-growing strong ties between e-commerce and logistics if we want to keep up with the changing world, leading to new digital and technical revolutions.