The truth is that logistics and transport companies have positioned themselves among the main culprits of C02 emissions in Spain; and is that according to the European Environment Agency they are responsible for 25% of them. That is why Sustainable Logistics policies are more important every day, and organizations in the sector should become aware of them.

To this, we must add that Spain is still far from other European countries in terms of the evolution of reducing CO2 emissions, such as Germany or Sweden, and since 1990 we have increased emissions and the greenhouse effect by 50%.

For this reason, in today’s article, we want to discuss some aspects that can be prioritized in terms of Sustainable Logistics, so that each company does its bit to reduce emissions and pollution. Among them, we want to highlight these three:

1 Alternative systems to promote Sustainable Logistics

Such as regulations restricting the use of inefficient urban distribution vehicles, in order to increase the use of alternative propulsion systems to diesel, such as Liquefied Natural Gas.

Also, we find the increase in the use of hybrid or electric vehicles in urban areas important; although it must be said that for this it would be important to increase aid from public institutions to encourage their purchase since this represents a significant outlay for organizations.

In this package we can also talk about the introduction of software to help us obtain route data, about loads … And also about the carbon footprint to be able to measure it. In this way, you can know the environmental impact of the organization and reduce it considerably.

And, finally, we introduce here, the use of photovoltaic panels and other systems for using renewable energy.  

2nd Alternative means of transport

Or intermodal, when time is not an essential factor, you can choose to use different means of transport to carry goods from one place to another. For example the boat, the trucks, etc. So that the environmental impact is reduced.

To this, we can add the philosophy of Green Logistics, which uses environmentally friendly strategies, and efficient use of resources.

3rd Lean & Green

The third important aspect in terms of Sustainable Logistics is this initiative promoted by AECOC at the European level and which is already possible in Spain thanks to the commitment of 29 driving companies.

“Born in the Netherlands, Lean & Green currently has a presence in 14 countries and more than 600 member companies throughout Europe, being a leading European community in sustainable logistics .”